Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara:

Exploring Masai Mara is a beautiful experience as it involves different safari activities making memorable trips. There is a choice of experiencing the Savannah splendor by foot or car, any time after dark or event in the daytime. There are various activities to keep your time full during the time of visit.

Places of attraction

An African Sundowner

Going for a sundowner after an exciting safari tour or wildlife viewing is relaxing. You can watch the sun going below the horizon as you are sipping some refreshing drink sitting beneath an Acacia tree.

Great Wildebeest Migration

Watching with bated breath the migrating wildebeest as it comes closer to the Mara River edge is a fabulous moment. You can feel it as it enters into the waters. Your heart is certain to pound, so keep the camera ready, while you watch wildebeest stepping in. it will be followed by herds of zebras and also other wildebeests. There is all possibility that there may be action and delightful experience is the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Mobile Camping

Camping lovers may set up a camp and enjoy the thrilling experience. Spend nights and feel the thrill of sleeping in a bush surrounded by wild animals. There are Maasai guards and guides to ensure your safety.

Experience Masai Mara on Game Drives

Game Drives offer two options, a day game or a night drive. Going on game drives in association with Maasai guides is helpful as they uncover the Mara wonders. The night game drives are in the conservancy. You get to see elephants, lions, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo, besides hyenas, giraffes, hippos, zebra, wildebeest, Nile crocodiles, antelopes, gazelles, and lots more.

Join Guided Walking Safaris

The local Maasai guides are aware of this pristine wilderness and joining their walking safaris gives a chance of reconnecting with your adventure. Learn about the unusual bugs, game tracking and sporting of wildlife from your car.

Things to do

How to access

By Road – A minibus from Nairobi brings visitors as a safari all-inclusive package. You can come on a Land Cruiser and enjoy the game-drive. There are regular buses and matatus also arriving from Nairobi.

By Air – The best option to reach Mara directly.

Getting Around– There is an extensive network and you can enjoy horse safaris, hot air balloon safaris, scenic flights, and bush walks.

Best time to visit

For general game viewing, it is always the best time, thanks to the temperate climate and abundant resident wildlife.

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3085Maasai Mara 3085Maasai Mara
12 Days Kenya Budget Safari (Camping)
fixed Rate 4,420.00 USD
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7 Day Kenyan Wildlife Safari (Camping)
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4 Day Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru Safari (Camping)
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3 Days Kenya Safari Tour (Camping)
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3 Day Mara NP Safari ( Lodging)
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5 Day Safari To Kenyan Amboseli, Nakuru and Maasai Mara (Lodging)
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8 Day Wildlife Highlights Safari (Lodging)
fixed Rate 3,190.00 USD
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12 Days Kenya’s Wildlife National Parks Safari (Lodging)
fixed Rate 3,845.00 USD